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« On m'a très souvent posé la question de comment j'ai pu avoir un AS(208069) et des #IPv6 pour ma Server Room. Aujourd'hui on va donc parler de #routage (#BGP), d'AS et d'IP. C'est parti ! »

Et en prime, n'oubliez pas le démon BGP du fédivers :


@bortzmeyer Excellent, merci pour ce toot ! Je commence à réfléchir pour m'y lancer 🙂

@pitrh great news, thank you ! I’m keen to try it out again, I moved WireGuard to jail because of stability probs under high traffic on .

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@Hukadan indeed, looks good, can you send me a test email to ?

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The recipe called for two cloves of garlic. That’s such a useful measure /s

@Hukadan check if your outgoing smtp server IP has the reverse DNS name (rDNS) that it uses in HELO/EHLO ? dig -x yourIP

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« La preuve qu'il était vivant c'est qu'il a fait WoooOOFFFf quand j'y ai sauté sur le bide depuis l'étagère »

𝐿𝑒 𝑔𝑟𝑜𝑠 𝑐ℎ𝑎𝑡

@pertho Migrated from OpenVPN to WireGuard few years ago, I had a few random kernel panics on OpenBSD 6.4, on 6.5 too with more traffic, then I moved it to FreeBSD jail and it runs stable since then, not going back to OpenVPN 🙂

I think if it goes into kernel would be great, but not with stability tradeoff.

@solene @yuki_is_bored I have no issues with BIG providers and I changed my ISP few weeks ago, so my IP changed, I think having SPF and DKIM setup helps, not sure about DMARC, although I have it in DNS but the policy is still just "reporting".

And as @Solene said very little to no maintenance. The huge advantage of OpenSMTPd is its simplicity, if you ever used Sendmail or Postfix, you know what I'm talking about 🙂

@yuki_is_bored I'm running OpenSMTPd in a jail on FreeBSD. When update-patching is needed, I build a new jail (zfs clone from reference snap), recompile OpenSMTPd from sources inside it, then copy over the conf.

"zfs send -R | zfs -F receive" does not remove anymore non-existing snapshots on receiving side in 12.1, bug ?

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“The first myth of management is that is exists. The second myth of management is that success equals skill.” - Robert Heller

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