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Test toot to see if the upgraded mastodon 2.9.3 looks ok ?

New jail, just copied database and live folder from the old one, yarn needs "PYTHON=/usr/local/bin/python2.7", also bump bcrypt in Gemfile to "bcrypt (3.1.13)"

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Quick questions I'm thinking about running a tor bridge on a pie3 on my ADSL line - see Is that feasable ?
OS I think i'll go with freebsd for some diversity.
Also do I need to fill in my other relays 's fingerprint like this bridge would be considered a relay ?
#toroperator #tor #privacy (boost so i might get answers)

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Another one of those, this one is Cardinal; it's just a try-out skech, but I have to say I really like how they look 💕

TrieAddr for configuring network acl in h2o 2.2.5 seems to be broken, not working as expected, switched to 2.3.0beta and it works, I’m migrating from to .

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Pirate members of the European Parliament published some job offers.

* IT administrator
* Software developer
* Regional administrative assistant – Brno/Prague
* Communications trainee in Brussels, to qualify as local assistant in Berlin
* PR and marketing assistant (for Czech MEPs)
* European Law advisor in Brussels

More info :

#jobs #jeRecrute #pirateParty

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Le #patou est un peu crétin. Il aboie après les échos de ses propres aboiements.

gratz to folks for implementing « prefers-color-scheme: », looks great in dark mode 😎

6.5 panic when typing "ifconfig bridge", 2 rdomains, amd64 mp kernel, syspatches installed.

6.5 booting halts on Intel S2600WT , disabling “4G remap” in BIOS fixes that !

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"Companies should not try to grow forever. They should be like trees: grow fast, then produce seeds. Eternal growth is cancer." #CANVAS

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Nous participons aux #Europennes2019🇪🇺 !

Le programme défendu pour cette élection :

Le début de la liste :
1️⃣ Florie MARIE @Florielvm
2️⃣ Cédric Levieux @farlistener
3️⃣ Sabrina Grimaldi @GrimaldiSabrina
4️⃣ Pierre Beyssac @pbeyssac

La liste complète pour les #Europeennes2019 :

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« Declaring yourself to be operating by Crocker’s Rules means that other people are allowed to optimize their messages for information, not for being nice to you. » -

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Vous ne vous êtes jamais demandé pourquoi, depuis quelques temps, on vous proposait un café dans certaines boutiques, chez le coiffeur, votre banquier, votre assureur ? En connaissance de cause, apprenez à refuser poliment.

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Intéressant article [en anglais] sur le "public-interest techology". L'auteur dit bien que c'est un terme flou, mais il essaie de le clarifier, et d'encourager les informaticiens à travailler dans ce domaine.

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Merci de lire ce post jusqu'au bout. Parce que vous risquez de ne plus pouvoir utiliser internet correctement. Partagez-le autour de vous. #SaveYourInternet #FixCopyright

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